We believe in a power greater than ourselves.

We are all connected in our needs to grow, create, nurture, regenerate, contribute, and celebrate.

We can live fully in the moment, appreciating the enriching power of the past and the unlimited possibilities of the future, expressing joy and thanksgiving for life.

We create our own reality as we conceptualize in response to life’s challenges and opportunities.

We can learn to suspend judgment.

Learning and growth are not linear; they take place through our responses to life’s challenges and opportunities.

We can trust the process of growth, believing that life’s challenges are opportunities for regeneration.

We can free ourselves from the pain of past experiences that become filters through which new experiences are storied.

We can learn to think in an optimistic way.

We can courageously risk the discovery of our own uniqueness.  As we learn to respect, trust and honor ourselves, we are then able to appreciate and value differences in others.

We can learn to walk the path of life with an empathetic understanding of ourselves and others.

As we become secure in trusting ourselves, then we are able to act with trust and confidentiality in relationships.

As we develop a mindful awareness of the energy within and around us, we can respond creatively to life’s choices and courageously take actions that are most congruent with our higher selves.

We must protect ourselves from negative energy. We can redirect and transform it.

We will create a positive energy field individually and collectively.

We will celebrate life with humor and activity.



It all began with a vision...

Karen Adderton, marriage and family therapist, founded WCN in 1996 with a group of St. Louis women whose mission was to enrich and empower women through information and support as they created their lives. Their vision was to develop beliefs to be reflected in the group’s programs and activities. Soon after formation, WCN was granted 501(c) (3) not-for-profit status and established scholarship and later outreach programs.   We embrace WCN’s vision, mission and beliefs as the most important part of membership.